“I saw it on Pinterest.”

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before. A recipe. A craft project. A pair of shoes. A hairstyle. He, she, him, her, you, me. We saw it on Pinterest.

According to, four million people visit Pinterest on a daily basis. The average amount of time a person spends pinning is 14 minutes. Four million people. 14 minutes. That’s a lot of people. That’s a lot of time. That’s a pool of people who prefer to spend 14 minutes of their time during the day on Pinterest. That’s an opportunity to connect. An opportunity to build relationships. An opportunity to build trust.

Use Pinterest to build trust and loyalty with your audience. Get this, Pintrust. Okay, okay, let’s get started.

1. Tell Your Company’s Story…We all have a personal story to tell. Your company is created by people, for people. Your company has a story to tell too. Tell it! Establish credibility. Get personal.

2. Recognize Loyal Customers…Celebrate your people, the people that drive and support your company and mission. They listen to you, so now it’s time to show them that you, your company, listens to them.

3. Make Your Boards a Resource…Nobody likes an empty box with a big bow tied on top. Provide useful content and helpful information. Don’t let your boards become a disappointment. People have expectations, so prove to your customers that your boards are worth their time and curiosity.

4. Verify Pins Before You Share Them…A broken lightbulb is useless. If you’re pinning or repinning, make sure your links are working. You don’t want your customers scrolling your boards, finding valuable pins to repin, and come to find out that your links are broken.

Pinterest is a powerful tool to connect, communicate, and continue a relationship with your audience. If your company doesn’t already have a Pinterest page and boards, start one now! Before you know it, people will be saying, “I saw it on Pinterest,” and they’re going to be talking about your pins.

Find out more about how to use Pinterest to build trust and loyalty by following the link below.

How to Use Pinterest to Build Trust and Loyalty


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